Residential Retreats

At Palm Global Academy, our students follow an outdoor program to facilitate learning as well as provide ‘real life skills’ that allows them to be rounded individuals. Set in the scenic surroundings of Snowdonia, students at PGA will visit the various summits, enhance their learning of Geography, History and Science, and focus on a theme from the Quran they have studied online. As your child progresses through
the years, the climbs to the different summit points will become more challenging, culminating in the hike to the peak of Snowdonia which is 1085 meters high.


The residential trips will teach your child resilience, perseverance and patience. A team of professional hikers will accompany our students on every trip providing invaluable local experience and knowledge. The students will stay in a secluded area on the foothills of Snowdonia, with breathtaking views.