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The fees include access to all live and recorded lessons on the school portal. Please note, external exam fees are not included in the school fees. Please refer to the school fees and exams policies for further information.
At Palm Global Academy, our mission is to ensure that all students make progress and strive to attain the highest possible grades. To this end, we only recruit teachers who are fully qualified and have demonstrated attaining high grades for their GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level cohorts. In addition to this, we also have an annual residential trip as part of the curriculum and tarbiyah of the student.
Fees can be paid annually, termly or monthly. Please refer to the school fees policy for further information.
When a place is accepted, a deposit of £500 is payable to Palm Global Academy. For Key Stage 3, the deposit will be returned at the end of the school year when any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid. For Key Stage 4, the deposit will be returned once any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid, and the student has fed back their exam results to the Head of Key Stage 4. If a place is cancelled by the parent after acceptance, and not within the notice period of one term, the deposit is non-refundable.
Yes, there is a discount offered which will be applied to one of the siblings whilst they are all enrolled at Palm Global Academy.

Our Programme

Students at Palm Global Academy study a wide range of subjects at all Key Stages (2, 3 and 4). Our focus throughout the year groups is to develop a connection with the Quran. Students will study a unique programme of Tafseer from years 7 to 11. This is supplemented by Quranic Arabic as well as being embedded with the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and study of Hadeeth. Students in Year 5 and 6 take subjects from the UK National Curriculum as well as Islamic Studies and Arabic, including Arabic Calligraphy.
At Palm Global Academy, our mission is to ensure that all students make progress and strive to attain the highest possible grades. To this end, we only recruit teachers who are fully qualified and have demonstrated attaining high grades for their GCSE/IGCSE and A-Level cohorts. In addition to this, we also offer a annual residential trip as part of the curriculum and tarbiyah of the student.
Students at Key Stage 4 follow a core programme which includes the following subjects: Maths, English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Computer Science. This will give each student at Palm Global Academy seven IGCSE’s. Additional subjects are available at an extra cost per academic year. The optional subjects include: Business Studies, Economics, Physics and History.
Additional subjects are only available at Key Stage 4. Each additional subject incurs an extra cost of £400.00 per academic year.
The residential trips are a key component of the curriculum at our school. As well developing skills such as orienteering and trekking, each residential trip is an opportunity for our students to enjoy nature and socialise with their peers. Each annual residential will have a theme which will be linked to an element of the Quran or the Seerah. Students will listen to inspiring reminders and will take part in various activities to enhance their learning of the deen. The residentials are optional for all students, whether based in the UK or abroad. However, we do encourage parents and students to take part.


When enrolling in year 10 or 11, parents should give notice to the school that they require assistance in finding an exam centre. The school will assist parents in finding an exam centre close to your registered address. Parents will need to arrange fees for the IGCSE exams directly with the exam centre.
IGCSE and A-levels are recognised worldwide across all colleges and universities. The fact that your child has studied online has no impact on the quality of the qualification.
We follow the EdExcel exam board for all IGCSE subjects.
We generally do not accept students directly into Year 11, as our IGCSE courses are two-year courses. We always recommend that students join us in Year 10, unless they have previously studied with the same exam boards (we use Edexcel). Different exam boards will teach different content, so there would be an element of catch-up work involved. Each case is looked into individually and in exceptional circumstances we may accept a student into Year 11.
As part of our school induction at Key Stage 4, students and parents will be informed of the process required to register at an exam centre. Although the deadlines are not until February/March of the year in which exams take place, it is a good idea to secure your place before the Winter Holidays in December, as centres can close their entries at this time.

Teaching and learning

Lessons will be delivered via MS Teams and other software that will enable teachers to conduct formative assessment and make the lessons interactive.
Live lessons are 45 minutes
In years 5 and 6, Maths and English will be taken 4 times a week. Islamic Studies and Arabic will be three times a week. Science, ICT and Humanities will be twice a week. At Key Stage 3, Maths, English, Science, Quran Studies and Arabic Grammar will have three live lessons a week. All other subjects will be twice a week. At Key Stage 4, Maths and English will have four live lessons a week. Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Science, Quran Studies and Arabic Grammar will be three times a week Other than the live lessons, students will be given work to complete for homework as well as independent study time during the school day.
All lessons are live delivered by specialist teachers to students at scheduled times. Students interact with the teacher either by microphone or in our live classroom chat. All lessons are recorded. You will have access to all the lesson resources for each class.
A book list will be provided to parents once their child has enrolled with the school. Careful consideration has been taken to ensure that only books which are required need to be purchased. Not all subjects will be requesting parents to purchase text books.
At Palm Global Academy we are very conscious of the fact that too much screen time is not good for the students. Our daily timetable reflects this and so does the methods of how students complete their work. It is expected that in most subjects, students will complete work in exercise books and upload images of their work when completed. Using the features of our various platforms, teachers will be able to provide feedback in a variety of ways including annotation, audio and video.
Our expectations of behaviour are in line with the teachings of our religion, respect for others, humility in speaking and learning. The school has a zero policy towards bad behaviour and any misdemeanours will not be tolerated. We expect all students at Palm Global Academy to be respectful of the rules set out by the teachers. One of the benefits of online schooling is that bad behaviour can easily be eliminated. The teacher can restrict student access to general chat, private chat, microphone access and indeed the classroom itself.
At Palm Global Academy we want to create an environment in which students can interact with each other. This will be done through group work, class discussions and the use of breakout rooms for students to get to know each other. Students are also placed in tutor groups to get to know each other in an informal setting.
As we are online, lessons will be taught to both boys and girls. Activities which include group work and/or breakout rooms will be done separately. Our residential retreats will also be separate for both boys and girls.
We follow the national curriculum of the UK for all our subjects. However, elements of the curriculum which do not conform to our Islamic belief are not covered.

Admission process

The following documents are required when enrolling a student at Palm Global Academy. Student passport copy/birth certificate Proof of address
It is highly recommended that students are registered with the school before the academic year begins (beginning of September). Applications may be accepted once the academic year has begun, but it will be expected for the student to catch up on all work missed.
Yes, students from overseas are welcome to attend Palm Global Academy. The school operates at UK time from 8.30am to 3.15pm (depending on which Key Stage). Students overseas will need to demonstrate high fluency in written and spoken English.
Palm Global Academy is a primary and secondary online school. We accept students from the age of 9 (year 5) to 16 (year 11). We will Insha’Allah be delivering A-Levels in the near future.
Click on the "Apply Now" button at the top of our homepage and complete the online application form. To complete the registration process, a non-refundable £50 fee is required. Once successful, the school will arrange an entrance test. After successful completion of the test an interview will be arranged and then the deposit of £500 will be required to confirm your child’s place. For more information refer to the admissions and fees policy.

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