At Palm Global we have purposefully selected individuals (as role models) with considerable educational experience to lead our teaching and development activities, who will instil an attachment and love of Islam within our students. Tarbiyah consistently features across every aspect of the education we provide whether through our online lessons, our termly retreats or our pastoral care, largely guided by regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

Our Islamic programme


Our Quranic Arabic and tafseer course aims to develop a special relationship with the Book of Allah – subhaana wa ta’aala – and introduce a relevance to the lives of each and every student. Our Islamic studies programme will inspire a sense of identity in your child through nurturing an appreciation and love of the greatest role model man has ever known, the Prophet – salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Capturing the emotions from various aspects of the Seerah, lessons are designed with age appropriacy to encourage self-reflection of one’s own actions, behaviour and personal decision-making.

Our retreats


Students at Palm Global are able to come together and bond during our retreats in a segregated Islamic environment, where we encourage parents to also join us and participate. Our Snowdonia camps, will provide an ideal opportunity for everyone to acquire worthwhile life skills, as well as engage in important team building activities in an eventful and enjoyable way. Students will receive regular reminders and anecdotes to strengthen their emaan and ponder over Allah – subhaana wa ta’aala’s – magnificent creation, while in the outdoors.

Our coaching and mentoring sessions


Regular personal educational coaching and mentoring will be an important part of your child’s pastoral care at Palm Global. In these ‘reflective’ sessions students are trained to develop self-awareness and be mindful of their goals. They learn to identify any obstacles preventing them to reach their vision and develop the skills, emotional intelligence and correct mindset to overcome challenges and difficulties. Students are guided throughout their journey at Palm Global to support them in their spiritual, emotional, social and academic success, Inshaa-Allah.