Quranic Arabic

A key element of understanding the Quran is in knowing the Arabic language. At Palm Global Academy, our focus is to ensure that our students have a secure foundation of the Arabic language that will help them to understand the Quran, act upon it and then convey its message.

Closely linked with our Quran Tafseer course, students will learn Arabic Grammar twice a week. Students will be expected to write the weekly surah or hadith in their exercise books. This will develop the writing skills of each student. Arabic will be taught twice a week – the second lesson will be a recap lesson to consolidate learning. As the students develop their knowledge of the Arabic language, the recap lessons will be led by the students.

grammar concepts taught

Year 1: Pupils will be introduced to the basic aspects of a noun and the formation of compounds and sentences.

Year 2: Pupils will be introduced to the basic concepts of a verb, the root letters and its different forms.

Year 3: This will integrate the noun and verb concepts and introduce exceptions to certain grammatical rules. Pupils will also look at some more advanced grammatical rules to allow them to appreciate the construction of verbs more thoroughly.