LAMDA Speaking In Public Exams

At Palm Global Academy, as part of our extra-curricular programme, all students will be offered the opportunity to study for and take the LAMDA Speaking in Public exams from Level 1 upwards.

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, LAMDA, is one of the oldest drama schools in the world, offering world-renowned qualifications in communication and performance.

LAMDA Exams is an awarding organisation designed to help students improve and develop life skills such as self-confidence, vocal and physical skills as well as their creativity.

LAMDA exams Details

The grades are a carefully constructed journey where the student builds on their confidence and self-belief as they progress. Exam grades start at Entry Level and progress up to Level 3, Grade 8 with each one being marked as either a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Level 3 exams count towards that all-important UCAS points total for those students looking to apply to universities in the UK. Not only that; the qualifications can give students extra confidence in their university interview and future career.