Masood Khan

BSc Accounting and Finance, MSc in Business Information Systems, PGCE from the Institute of Education (UCL), Director of Quranic Framework

Masood gained his PGCE from the Institute of Education (UCL) in 2002, after having completed a BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance and MSc in Business Information Systems. Most recently Masood attained a post-graduate qualification in educational management. Since attaining the PGCE Masood has taught continuously at one of London’s best schools.

Prior to teaching Masood was an analyst and programmer for a very successful multinational company. Masood has been a consultant for Nida Trust, a charity and a school improvement consultancy. Alongside his teaching roles Masood is active in interacting with the youth to nurture confident and Taqwa oriented Muslims. He was the founder of ‘Meet Your Muslim Neighbours’ dawah initiative in 2003; the community base program across the UK.

Masood has also pioneered the well known Quranic Tafseer and Arabic programs, called the Quranic Framework which he has delivered across the UK and internationally.

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