Amjad Malik

MSc in Computing & Information System, PGCE Maths, MBA in Education Management

Amjad Malik completed his PGCE in Maths 1983. He held the post of Head of Maths faculty in a large state comprehensive for nine years in south east London during the 1990’s. 

Amjad gained his master’s in Computing & Information Systems in 2005 and in 2013 he obtained his MBA in Education Management from the University of Leicester. 

Since then he has gained considerable leadership experience as a Headteacher in one primary and two secondary schools. Amjad has also trained as an additional Ofsted inspector.  

Recently he has worked with an educational charity called Nida Trust, chairing the Headteachers forum, delivering training in schools and assisting in organising education conferences and seminars. He is currently working as a school advisor for the independent sector. 

Amjad Malik’s particular areas of expertise are Mathematics and Science.

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