Fasting and the Quran – Spiritually Connecting your Child with Ramadan

Father and son making dua to Allah. Increasing in spirituality during Ramadan.

The foremost inspiration for instilling a love of Ramadan in our children stems from parents, who must lead by example. Our devotion, enthusiasm, and dedication to this unique month will undoubtedly influence our children, laying a strong foundation for a fulfilling and positive impact throughout their lives.

Throughout this two-part series, we’ll explore methods to encourage children to embrace fasting, delve into Quranic readings, and connect with its verses through reflection.

Ramadan’s Significance

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, calls upon Muslims to fast from dawn until sunset and to abstain from worldly desires. Yet, beyond physical abstention, it serves as a period for spiritual reflection, increased worship, and strengthening our relationship with Allah SWT. As parents, it’s our duty to educate our children about Ramadan’s significance and its potential to profoundly shape our lives.

Fostering the Habit of Fasting

Fasting stands as a key pillar of Islam. Parents can instill a love for fasting in their children from an early age by encouraging them to participate in suhoor and iftar with the family. As children grow, parents can gradually introduce short fasting periods during the day, fostering excitement by tracking their progress on a wall chart. Through this gradual process, children will mature to embrace longer fasts, inspired by their parents’ example and the encouragement of family members.

Embracing the Quran during Ramadan

The recitation of the Quran holds immense blessings, especially during Ramadan, as it marks the beginning and completion of Allah’s revelation over 23 years. Parents should recite the Quran in front of their children, fostering inspiration for them to mimic and eventually engage in recitation themselves. Establishing a daily Quran reading routine within the family schedule, alongside salah, can further emphasize its importance. Additionally, displaying a Quran timetable serves as a visual reminder for all family members to prioritize this noble act.

Encouraging Spiritual Reflection

Encourage children to read the Quran with understanding, reflecting on its verses as direct guidance from Allah SWT. Reading together as a family and delving into the tafsir of verses provides depth and context, allowing children to empathize with the challenges faced by those close to Allah mentioned in the Quran. This practice cultivates a profound connection to the teachings of Islam and fosters a deeper understanding of faith.

In the upcoming second part of this series, we’ll explore additional methods to deepen your child’s connection to Ramadan through Athkaar, dua’as, and Taraweeh prayers.

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